A saga of challenges and opportunities
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A saga of challenges and opportunities

By Asnaha Farheen

We have seen life has taken a 360-degree turn due to the Covid-19 pandemic and over the past few months, schools and school leaders’ roles have been unpredictably and dramatically changed by the COVID-19 crisis. The unprecedented nature of this situation means there is no set direction for them to follow.

School leaders and teachers are like actors in a play where the story, the script and costumes have all changed mid-performance, and they are on stage improvising to adjust to their new role.

Despite these scary situations, we have seen the incredibly inspiring outcome of our diligent efforts, perseverance and dedication to ensure the safety and wellbeing of families and curtailing the disruption faced by out-of-school children through our synchronous, high class, concept-driven and learner-centric, remote teaching and learning system which we started on 18th March 2019 and has been continuing till date with a lot of enthusiasm and meticulous planning. We are one of the first schools to shift classroom to the glass room in the most productive manner.

The journey was not a cakewalk but proved to be an opportunity to transform and bring in changes to meet the learners’ needs in this unparalleled and challenging period. We did not stop over here and bagged a record and glory of being one of the first IB PYP Schools to be authorized by the newly devised and highly challenging process of remote authorization visit.

We are a proud IB PYP approved school, and we strive to continue this expedition of excellence with utmost dedication. No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate you are, your success as a leader and an institution depends on your ability to build and inspire a team. AKM International School is highly grateful to the dedicated team of educators and non-academic staff.

We left no stone unturned to shape the dream of our esteemed Chairman Sir Mr Abdul Kadir Molla and honourable directors Mr Mahbubur Rahman Mollah (Tareq) and Nasrin Sultana Dina. Stewardship of our respected Head of School is indispensable. We appreciate our parent community’s trust and support at every step of our journey towards triumph while accomplishing these historical milestones.

The Covid-19 has awakened us from a deep slumber. As a learning community, we are fortunate to witness and be part of this transformation, which occurs once in many centuries and has taught us many real-life lessons. Being a change leader, I would like to assure my learning community, that we are together in this, so count your blessings and remember, this too shall pass.

Author is Head of Primary and PYP Coordinator at Abdul Kadir Molla International School, Bangladesh International Teachers Trainer at Lausanne Learning USA