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When we talk about the UPSC that stands for Union Public Service Commission Examination, it is considered to be the most difficult examination in the country.

This examination is highly competitive. More than 5 lakh students appear for this examination, but only 1000 to 800 students clear and get selected for the civil services posts.

This examination is conducted in three stages, namely The Preliminary, Main Examinations, and The Interview. Those who clear the preliminary and main examination, are called for the interview (personality test). The last stage is to crack down on the interviews to become civil servants.

In this article, we will discuss some tips to keep in mind to crack the interview. Let’s look at the following tips:-

Body Language

It is very important to maintain a good body posture during the interview. Body language and body posture includes, keeping your back straight while sitting, maintaining eye contact, don’t keep your one leg over another, greet them well and listen carefully to what they ask.

Mental Alertness

Many times interviewers check the mental awareness of the students. The most common example of this tip is: they can ask you how many stairs you have claimed to reach the interview hall or how many buttons are there in your shirt etc. So, it is very important for students to be mentally aware about their surroundings.

Communication Skills

You have to work on your communication skills and improve it as well. If you know the answer, but you can’t find words to express it or aren’t able to express your ideas, it will be a great loss.

Current Affairs

We all know that keeping up to date about socio-economic issues. This is the most important topic for the interview. The reason behind asking about current affairs or socio-economic issues is that, if you become a civil servant, you will have to solve these issues. So, you have to maintain a good knowledge about this and also have to maintain a personal opinion on the main topics.

Self Confidence

Many of the students feel conscious while giving the interview. But, don’t forget that answering questions with self-confidence will have a good impact on the interviewers. But you have to also keep in mind not to be more confident.

Read Your DAF Carefully

Many questions will be asked from the candidate’s bio data. Copies of the Detailed Application Form (DAF) are shared with each interviewer. So, read your DAF carefully and work on each detail such as educational aspects, services preferences, past work experience etc.


Be honest during the interview. If the interviewer asks questions that require your opinion, answer them with honesty. The more honest your opinion, the better are your chances of being selected. If you answer with dis-honesty, they can easily catch you.

Positive Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude is very important to get some confidence. There are many rumors and myths about the UPSC Interview. However, don’t think much about the interview board, questions, post etc. All that matters is that you have to think of positive aspects and hope for the best.

Revise Your Optional Subject

It is very obvious that you will be asked questions from the subject you choose in UPSC CSE. Not many questions but maybe a few questions can be asked. Many students or candidates neglect their optional subject. So, you have to keep some recent updates related to your optional subject.

Know Your State and District

Collect details about your district and state, questions can be asked. Not simple questions will be asked, situation-based questions can be asked for eg. What problems you see in your area and how you can solve them. So, get prepared with the knowledge of the same.

UPSC Interview Mock Test

You can take the UPSC Interview Mock Test to gain more knowledge about the questions asked. You can take at least 2-4 mock tests which will help you to improve your preparation on the feedback by panel experts before appearing for the final UPSC interview.

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