How many different types of dentists are There?

types of dentists

How many different types of dentists are There?

For staying healthy, taking care of your teeth is an essential part. But do you know people are always confused about which type of dentist should we prefer for our different problems? So, here are the different types of dentists who help you make choices about your dental problems.

General Dentists

It is the most generic of all types of dentists. They provide general and routine dental care, such as dental cleanings and daily routine check-ups. These dentists will help you in root canal procedures, tooth extraction, filling cavities, etc. When you’re visiting your general dentist, and they’re not trained for a certain treatment, they’ll assist you with other dental specialists.


It is also called pediatric dentists, who specialize in children and youths for dental care and treatments. Problems associated with gums, consult periodontists.


Orthodontists are commonly known as dentists that offer you invisible and traditional braces to straighten your teeth and improve your teeth structure to make a good smile. They are specialists in teeth and jaw alignment, using wires, braces, retainers, and other devices.


Periodontists concentrate on the procedure of gums. They focus on the precaution of gum disease, in addition to treating gum disease and periodontal problems. In some cases, this can provide treatments for example- skin grafting. These dentists work closely with general dentists to help prevent gum disease and create procedure ideas when gum disease happens.


The worst thing is the sensitive teeth to deal with. An endodontist deals especially with problems disturbing the nerve of the tooth. These specialists are trained to perform root canals and other important procedures when the roots of teeth are included. They’ll help you live with lesser pain in your mouth. They concentrate on operationally removing the flawed pulp from the bottom of the tooth and refilling it.

Oral Pathologists

Oral Pathologists are also known as Oral Surgeons. They deal with issues related to the mouth. So if you have issues associated with your lips, teeth, cheeks, or the mouth in general, oral pathologists are the dentist you should consult with.


Prosthodontists particularise in creating oral prostheses to replace broken and damaged teeth, improving cosmetic improvement and dental function. Prosthodontists work with general dentists and endodontists, in addition, to providing these dental devices when treatment shows.