Impact Of CBSE Boards Cancellation On College Admissions
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Impact Of CBSE Boards Cancellation On College Admissions

The Board results have dominated the admission procedures for Colleges. High grades and cutoffs for admission are the buzzes. Impact Of CBSE Boards Cancellation On College Admissions

One exam cannot decide what you are capable of, so if the exams have been cancelled, it will not hamper college admissions. Whatever has happened is because of the Pandemic; you are not to be blamed; for that matter, nobody is to be blamed. These conditions are not under our control.

We are not alone facing this, and the whole world is facing the same; conditions are more or less the same Globally. Keeping safety paramount, Government and Education Board decided to forgo the exams. And to promote children based on their previous performance during the academic year. So it is again your efforts and hard work. Students who have been working hard and performing well don’t need to take the stress. The Impact will be for those who have not put in all their efforts, have incomplete submissions to their name and who took things very.

Even the colleges and universities have been facing the Pandemic, and they are also well aware of the conditions. The stress and anxiety in students are not hidden from them, and they also deal with students every day. The Impact Of CBSE Boards Cancellation On College Admissions colleges and universities gave fee waivers, online entrance tests conducted, counselling (interviews) on virtual platforms with students shortlisted, giving students a campus ride through virtual media and above all extending their deadlines. The Pandemic has not hit India alone. Gather all your skills, strengths, capabilities, and shortlist your colleges and start with your admission process; you give your best. If you go with confidence and a positive attitude, success will be at your doorstep. Believe in yourself and trust yourself; things will change for good. Don’t let stress and anxiety overshadow your attitude.

If you have performed with dedication and hard work throughout the year, then you should leave all your fears on one side and focus on what better you can do to get into your dream college. As there is a very famous saying, “ why cry over spilt milk” in the same way it is no use cribbing on what has happened, you can’t change it; nothing’s in your hand, then why worry? Move on in life to unbox what the future holds for you.

Always remember that this is not the end of the road; this is the beginning of a new chapter in life, there will be many more times in life that will be even more challenging and tough, and you need to prepare for that. Forget about the ups and downs; that’s part and parcel of life. So, don’t wait for things to happen and opportunities to knock on your door. Create one for yourself and prove that the cancellation of board exams could not stop you from achieving what you desired.