Why Should Coding not be Taught AS “THE TRUTH”?


All around the world, there is a proposal to teach coding to students. But there are opinions which are against it and for it. Many people consider that teaching coding to students is a good opportunity. While others think that teaching coding does nothing.

Let’s discuss more on this topic.

There is nothing in the world that is impossible for humans. Coding is one such thing that people thought it would be difficult to perform.

But humans have proved that nothing is impossible for them. From this, humans have proved that if they try and wish to succeed is particular thing, they can be successful. And also, we want our kids to do something that they like and reprogram the world. We want that our kids to mark on the world.


If you want that student should learn to code because it’s the thing of 21st century, it is something that you are doing wrong to your kids.

If we teach kids how to learn code and use it in a creative way, then it is simply amazing. But on the other hand, if we want kids to learn coding because it is the thing of 21st Century and make kids perfect in coding because everyone else is doing so, then it is wrong.

We all have to understand that coding is not the new literacy. Parents push coding to students because they think that they will prepare their students who are ruled by software rather than by training them how to build a software.

As useful as programming can be, but it should not be necessary to every student. Not every student may have interest in coding. You may be wondering that there are many subjects many of the students don’t like, but these subjects are not like Coding.

These subjects like- English, social science, Hindi etc. are basic subjects that are required and relevant for basic knowledge.

Coding is a binary language which can be a career option for many students. But it is not necessary for every student. These students must be given choices to pick a career option they wish to choose and will love to work in future.

Those who think that coding should be taught in schools argue that the skills gained through coding are excellent life skills. According to them these life skills include – problem solving and critical thinking through coding. While these great skills like critical thinking and problem solving are already learned through mathematics.

Those who don’t know, basic coding includes a large proportion of mathematical skills. Additionally, coding can improve computational skills but only just as subject mathematics can do.

However, teaching coding in school does not provide any new skill, rather it becomes redundant. Coding becomes redundant because it does not provide any new skill to students and it will be no longer needed for school students.

Another skill that proponents think of coding is language acquisition skills. Many school lawmakers are considering making coding fulfill foreign language requirements.

I think that we all know that there is a huge difference between programming language and verbal language. Both are very different and have different meanings and different uses. In fact, syntax is usually the easiest part of the coding language.

You must be wondering what is the main difference between syntax coding language and verbal language?

Syntax language uses keywords from the English language such as ‘while’ and ‘if’. And they are easy to remember. On the other hand, coding language does not have the same cognitive and verbal benefits as foreign languages such as French, Spanish etc. has. Also, these coding professionals can take help from the internet if they forget any syntax.

It will be so awkward if we can’t talk in coding language, it is nearly impossible. A foreign language is something that cannot be replaced by a coding language.

If you are considering coding to teach students, this is the main point where we can say that coding language is not helpful unless students wish to pursue it in future.

Students will be given an introductory course, which is surprisingly not helpful. This introductory course will consist of logic of the language and syntax. Through this, a person can’t create a program.

If students wish to create a proper program, they need to pursue other computer science courses such as- software programming, algorithms etc.

Proponents say that learning coding gives a better understanding of technology in our increasingly tech-savvy society. As we have told earlier, coding only teaches how codes are created or how programming is done. And nothing more than that.

Coding does not teach you how to operate computers better. People with zero knowledge of coding can also work on computers. 

With the change in time, technology also changes and from experience we get to know and get to understand technology, coding has nothing to do with it.


We can conclude that coding is not something that should be mandatory in schools. Schools should offer coding courses rather than require it.

If students are interested, they will definitely apply for the course and the course will be helpful in future. 

Particularly if they choose a career in computer science. As we have stated, computer science or coding has the same benefits as mathematics. 

So, at the end we conclude that coding should not be imposed on students. 

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