Decode CBSE Board Exams 2022
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Decode CBSE Board Exams 2022

How Term 1 will differ from Term 2 examinations. Decoding the CBSE board exams is critical this year.

The syllabus will be rationalized and efforts will be made to make internal assessment, practical exams, and projects more credible.
Career Beacon organized a webinar on Sunday, July 11, 2021.


Managing Editor of Career Beacon, Mrs. Sunanda Rao, moderated the webinar. The panel of eminent speakers included Five speakers. Dr Amrita Vohra, The Director of education GEMS India and the Executive Principal, GEMS International School Gurugram; The Principal- NPS International School, Guwahati, Assam, Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra. Director Schools, Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions, Ghaziabad, Mr Harish Sanduja. The Principal, Birla Public School, Qatar, Mr AP Sharma. Mrs Poonam Saxena Passionate Educator, INACE.ORG, Gurugram. And the Joint Secretary, National Career Counsellors Network (NCCN), Mrs Kavita Rai.
Mrs Sunanda Rao initiated the session. After the introduction of speakers and an overview of the session. She opened the session by mentioning the key takeaways of the webinar. She asked the speakers to enlighten on how competency-based education is the need of the hour.

Views from Panelists

Mrs Poonam Saxena mentioned that teaching and delivering the content must be appropriate. The teaching strategies and plans should sync well to manage virtual classes. As a piece of advice to students, she said that students should take part in different activities. And explore various dimensions of their personality and potential.

Mr AP Sharma segregated the present assessment policy into four pillars. 1) Updating teaching material. 2) Drafting question papers3) Polishing teaching skills 4) sharpening teaching tools focusing on students’ cognitive development and creativity. He briefed that CBSE has introduced reasoning, case and situation studies. He suggested that teachers should change their outlook to approach. To take education as observation and inference.

Elaborating on the CBSE policy, Mr Harish Sanduja explained that the curriculum is into two semesters. The first semester would have an MCQ test of 90 minutes, and the other would depend on the reopening of schools. The allotted marks would support the students in admission to Universities.

Mr Dheeraj Mehrotra stated that the new teaching methods are tech-blended to aid the students.

A Teachers gives more emphasis on remember and write rather than Understanding and comprehension. Teachers required systematic definition in systematic way they don’t accept new way and new definition made by students. Said Dr. Amrita Vohra.

Mrs Kavita Rai proposed a vote of thanks, and she concluded the session by stating that Career Beacon would provide a roadmap. It will help the students preparing for the examinations to offer them a clear and better idea of the curriculum.