Do Children Really Need to Learn Coding


What Is Coding?

Coding is referred to as software programming or computer programming. Coding is a list of step-by-step instructions that get computers to do what you want them to do. These instructions are communicated using a language that computers can understand like visual blocks, HTML, Java Script, Python and CSS. Coding makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps, websites and games.

Why Do Children Need to Learn Coding?

From Past to Present – When our parents were young, they never thought that one day they would have a smartphone which would be a touch screen mobile. We can never predict the future. As the future is unpredictable, so is technology.

Back in time, there were no smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Many of us never imagined that things like laptops or smartphones would exist. But today, once a child starts to understand little things, the first thing that he or she is attracted to is smartphones.

So, why not we should help channelize their interest in these devices in a positive manner and if children and parents wish to, they can make their screen-time meaningful. The reason for this big change? Software.

Now the question is how we should prepare our children to face the future? The answer to this question is Coding!

As parents and teachers, we all know that in a country like India, we all know that students have potential and can do whatever they want to.

Coding is a Crucial Skill – Coding is a crucial skill which helps children to sharpen their creativity, introduce children to skills like problem solving and critical thinking and also allows children to think out of the box.

Coding helps children to know their mistakes and rectify them as soon as possible, which makes them perfect in the field. This also prepares them for a job market dominated by data science and computer science.

Coding or coders is the only reason behind everything that we can see on computers or tablets or smartphones.

Learning to code helps children to keep themselves updated with knowledge that will enhance itself in future but will never change.

With the change in time and technology, everything will change! Learning to code helps kids to be the creators of the technology, not only the consumers of technology.

Let’s further discuss pros and cons of teaching code to kids: –

Many parents and professionals think that coding is a useful skill. While others think that it is not a useful skill for kids. All over the world, proponents of teaching coding to kids are increasing. Let’s find out proponents and opponents’ points.


Improves Problem Solving & Critical Thinking – These skills such as problem solving and critical thinking are improved by coding. It also improves the concentration of kids. No one can create code without ample knowledge of it. One needs to have deep knowledge to prepare code which functions well on the screen.

This also helps to improve problem solving and critical thinking skills as when an error occurs in code, kids need to analyze the problem and accordingly they need to solve the problems that occurred. This helps kids to think critically and solve problems.


A Universal Language Skill – Yes, coding has become an essential computer language skill. We can say that learning to code is equivalent to teaching them another language.

Through learning to code and learning about computing, children can learn to express their ideas, imaginations creatively. This will not only help them become more technological savvy, but it will also help them to learn their spoken languages faster.

Enhances Sequential Thinking – Coding is all about planning and organizing the codes so that it can work well. In coding, you need to shuffle and order large amounts of information to ensure a specific action. Coding can help you to grow your sequential thinking techniques because you are practicing these skills on a daily basis.

Provides Job Opportunities – Computer science has great job opportunities now and even in the future. It has become the most blooming field. Research has projected a growth of 19% from 2016 to 2026. Teaching your child coding can be a beginning for his or her career in the computer field.


Coding Might Become an Obsolete Skill OR Unnecessary Skill – As the future is unpredictable, we don’t know what will happen next in terms of technology. It is hard to tell whether coding is still a desired skill in the future. Moreover, according to experts, in the near future artificial intelligence will come into existence, and they will themselves be capable of writing codes.

Kids Needs to Be Kids – In the age of playing out on the ground, building forts, how to learn their mother tongue, time spent doing math’s etc., Kids should not sit and learn computer coding. Coding distracts kids from gaining fundamental skills. They need to find their motor skills and need to focus on interpersonal friendships rather than focusing on coding skills.

Excessive Screen Time – As it is not healthy for students to spend much time in front of a screen. Spending excessive time on computer screens to learn coding can be harmful for the eyesight of kids. Also, kids should socialize with friends and learn other skills. Many believe that computers or any other electronic devices should be removed from kids’ lives so that they can be physically fit.


It is not important for kids to learn coding. We agree that learning to code can be an advantage and can give great opportunities in future. But this should be completely based on kids’ choices.

. While coding can help with computation skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, on the other hand, these skills can be learned from other subjects like math’s and other physical activities.

However, if you are a parent, your decision about learning to code should be based on pros and cons, and also on your kid’s choice.