TresVista conducts its second successful season of Breathe
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TresVista conducts its second successful season of Breathe

Mumbai, 30th May 2022: Global outsourcing enterprise, TresVista, conducts its second successful season of Breathe – a workplace mental health program. With the program, TresVista aimed at increasing awareness of mental health, challenging existing stereotypes of mental illness, and exploring how one can support their colleagues. The wellness-to-work virtual sessions under Breathe were attended by employees from across the Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru offices.

In collaboration with Silver Oak Health, one of the leading employee assistance partners, the company organized 37 webinars. These webinars had sessions that included post-COVID healthcare, diet and nutrition, and support group for caregivers, expectant parents and returning to the workplace post-COVID. The programs included structured experiences, group discussions, and interactions.

Mr. Vishal Shah, Director, TresVista, said, “Our holistic approach to mental health stems significantly from our guiding philosophy focused on People, Action, and Team. It starts with understanding that all individuals are unique, multi-faceted, and dealing with specific situations and circumstances. The two key constituents that contribute to the creation and success of our mental awareness programs are our long-term approach and understanding that we succeed together as a team. The program includes, but is not limited to, a series of workshops on wellness, awareness, and welfare, tie-ups with experienced third-party professionals that employees and their families have access to, and our extensive mentorship program.”

The company initiated the Breathe program in 2021, through which employees and their family members could gain access to professional experts for emotional and mental wellness.