Resumod’s New Features Drive 35% User Growth in 3 Months!
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Resumod’s New Features Drive 35% User Growth in 3 Months!

17th January 2024, New Delhi: Resumod, a pioneer in online resume building since its inception in 2019, announced the launch of two transformative features, redefining the realm of resume creation and personal branding.

The first feature is the launch of a Personal Website at the click of a button for anyone. Everyone desires to have a personal website but lack the resources and knowhow. Resumod’s feature is designed to empower individuals with the ability to establish their online presence effortlessly. Overcoming the common hurdle of technological unfamiliarity, our user-friendly platform enables individuals to craft a personalized mini website within a few minutes.

This innovative tool serves as a dynamic virtual visiting card, providing users with a streamlined solution to showcase their professional identity. Featuring a seamlessly integrated download button, the website conveniently facilitates access to the user’s resume.

Furthermore, Resumod offers a swift and efficient resume creation process by allowing users to generate a new resume directly from their LinkedIn profile in less than five seconds. Simplifying the entire experience, users need only input their URL to witness the transformative capabilities of Resumod’s technology.

Users can now effortlessly import their professional experience into Resumod by just copy-pasting their LinkedIn Public Profile URL. This intuitive integration streamlines the resume creation process. From an industry perspective, this feature enhances the accuracy and efficiency of resume data input, ensuring that professionals present a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of their skills and experiences. For HR professionals, this means quicker and more reliable access to pertinent information, expediting the hiring process and improving the overall efficiency of talent acquisition.

Furthermore, Resumod empowers users to craft personalized websites in just 10 seconds. Featuring a range of pre-designed templates, users can import data from their resumes, incorporate social links, and in just 5 clickstreams, their professional website is ready. Personal websites offer a unique advantage in the hiring process, enabling employers to explore candidates beyond the constraints of traditional resumes. This feature, from an industry standpoint, supports a more holistic evaluation of candidates, promoting a richer understanding of their capabilities and potential cultural fit within an organization.

Resumod’s adaptability to the changing needs of job seekers, incorporating AI into the platform to facilitate quick and efficient resume creation. The platform’s user-centric approach ensures a hassle-free process, with features like content suggestions and a goal of making profile/ resume building a seamless experience using top-notch technology.

The impact of these features has been remarkable since their introduction in December. Within a mere 15 days, 5000 users leveraged the LinkedIn integration to enhance their resumes. Simultaneously, 2000 users embraced the platform, transforming their resumes into dynamic personal websites. Resumod’s speed and cost-effectiveness, allowing users to create resumes in seconds and its focus on maintaining international standards.

The founder of Resumod Mr. Rajat Vashishta commented, “These features are a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions for professionals. We are thrilled to see that users are liking these features and using them enthusiastically. This motivates us to continue pushing boundaries in the realm of online career development.”

Resumod remains at the forefront of innovation in online resume building, offering a user-friendly interface coupled with feature-rich solutions. These innovations are designed to empower professionals, enabling them to stand out in today’s fiercely competitive job market. remains committed to innovation, incorporating AI, providing diverse customization options, and staying ahead of industry trends with over 1 Lakh users choosing Resumod for their resumes, the platform stands-out in the evolving landscape of online resume building.

The combination of ATS-friendly resumes and AI-driven optimization tools is a powerful strategy for navigating the complexities of the modern job market. It not only ensures that resumes meet the criteria set by applicant tracking systems but also positions candidates as proactive and adaptable in utilizing technology to enhance their professional profiles.

Recruiters can quickly identify well-matched candidates, streamlining the hiring process and saving valuable time. For job seekers, this means an increased likelihood of making it to the next stages of the recruitment process, ultimately improving their chances of securing desired job opportunities.

About the company

Established in April 2018 by Rajat Vashishta, Resumod addresses critical challenges prevalent in the Indian job market. Recognizing the financial burden job seekers face in updating their resumes and the widespread lack of awareness about presentation standards, Resumod stands as a solution-driven platform. As of 2023, Resumod boasts close to 500 daily registrations and over 1500 daily downloads, indicating a growing user base. The platform has garnered attention from the media and currently serves over 1.6 lakh registered users. Resumod’s mission extends to both B2C and B2B models. In the B2C space, users benefit from an AI-driven interview preparation solution, resume parsing, and job-matching functionality. Resumod offers 19 resume formats, including a lifetime free option, positioning itself as a versatile and accessible free resume builder. In the B2B domain, Resumod’s solution is employed by universities exclusively for enrolled students, and staffing companies leverage the AI functionality to process and reformat large volumes of resumes efficiently for clients.