11 Prime Career Choices for PCM Students Besides Engineering
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11 Prime Career Choices for PCM Students Besides Engineering

More than 70% of PCM students opt for Engineering, often due to limited exposure to alternative career paths. However, many students may not be genuinely interested in engineering. If you’re a PCM student pondering your next steps, you’re in the right place. This article delves into the top career options available for PCM students after completing 12th grade.

Top Career Options for PCM Students After Class 12th

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has revolutionized various aspects of daily life, from automated tasks to smart devices. It offers lucrative career opportunities with high salaries, making it a top choice for PCM students.

Education & Course: Typically, a degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Information Technology is required to enter the AI field.

Colleges for AI: Institutions like the University of California (USA), University of Maryland (USA), and Yale University (USA) offer relevant programs.

National Defence Services

Serving in the national defence forces offers a prestigious and honorable career path, accessible to PCM students through exams like the National Defence Academy (NDA).

Education & Course: Clearing the NDA exam is mandatory for entry into the academy, followed by specialized training in Air Force, Navy, or Army.

Colleges for National Defence Services: Institutions like the National Defence Academy and Indian Military Academy offer relevant programs.

Data Science/Data Analytics

Data experts play a crucial role in analyzing and interpreting data to aid decision-making in various industries. Data science goes a step further by creating algorithms for practical use.

Education & Course: Pursuing courses in Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science at the undergraduate level, followed by specialization in Data Analytics or Data Science at the master’s level, is common.

Colleges: Institutions like Carnegie Mellon University (USA), Indian School of Business (India), and Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) offer relevant programs.

Commercial Pilot

For those passionate about flying and seeking global travel opportunities, a career as a commercial pilot offers both adventure and financial rewards.

Education & Course: Attaining a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) requires clearing written exams, interviews, medical tests, and accumulating flying hours.

Colleges for Commercial Pilot: Institutions like International Aviation Academy (New Zealand) and Flight Safety Academy (USA) offer relevant training.

Merchant Navy

With a pivotal role in international trade, the merchant navy provides opportunities for professionals to travel the world while managing technical aspects of ships.

Education & Courses: Various specialized courses like B.Sc. Nautical Science, B.E. Marine Engineering, and B.E. Naval Architecture are available.

Colleges: Institutions like Massachusetts Maritime Academy (USA) and Marine Engineering and Research Institute (India) offer relevant programs.


Architecture offers a creative and technologically advanced career path, allowing professionals to design innovative structures and contribute to urban development.

Education & Course: Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Architecture is essential, with options for further specialization.

Colleges for Architecture: Institutions like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and School Of Planning and Architecture (India) offer relevant programs.


For those intrigued by the mysteries of the cosmos, a career in Astrophysics or Physics offers opportunities to study celestial bodies and phenomena.

Education & Course: Pursuing undergraduate courses in Physics and Mathematics is recommended, followed by specialization at the master’s or doctoral level.

Colleges: Institutions like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and Indian Institute of Science (India) offer relevant programs.

Computer Science

Computer science professionals are in high demand across industries, with opportunities ranging from software development to cybersecurity.

Education & Course: Pursuing degrees like B.Tech in Computer Science or Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) provides relevant skills.

Colleges for Computer Science: Institutions like Princeton University (USA) and Indian Institute of Technology (India) offer relevant programs.

Actuarial Science

Actuaries play a crucial role in assessing financial risks and designing strategies for mitigating them, making it a lucrative career option for PCM students with strong analytical skills.

Education & Course: A background in Mathematics or related fields is recommended, followed by clearing relevant professional exams.


Geologists study the Earth’s physical properties and history, contributing to our understanding of natural phenomena and environmental processes.

Education & Course: Pursuing courses like B.Sc. Geology or B.Sc. Applied Geology is common.

Colleges for Geology: Institutions like The University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) and the University of Delhi (India) offer relevant programs.


Pharmacists play a vital role in healthcare by developing and dispensing medications, making it a rewarding career option for PCM students with an interest in chemistry.

Education & Course: Pursuing degrees like Bachelors in Pharmacy or Masters in Pharmacy is essential.

Colleges for Pharmacy: Institutions like The University of Oxford (United Kingdom) and Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (India) offer relevant programs.

Explore Your Options!

These diverse career paths offer PCM students a range of exciting opportunities beyond engineering. Whether your passion lies in technology, aviation, or the natural sciences, there’s a fulfilling career waiting for you.