Make Intelligent Talent Decisions with iMocha
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Make Intelligent Talent Decisions with iMocha

Pune, October 31, 2022: iMocha, the world’s largest skills assessment platform, has unveiled a suite of campus hiring solutions that help you provide stellar candidate experience — before and after hiring. Using iMocha’s solutions, talent professionals can engage, screen, and hire graduates in a bias-free and cost-effective manner and drop time-to-hire by over 50%. 

In the last three months, 175,000+ students have been assessed on various proficiencies using the iMocha platform, with 23,500+ interviewed and 11,500+ offers made. Using its in-built assessments and custom tests, employers could analyse the candidates’ skill and cultural fitment by assessing their technical and functional talent, aptitude, and cognitive levels.

Understandably, campus hiring requires considerable costs and effort – with screening, assessing, interviewing, and offer letters being extended the same day. To make matters worse, some companies are often restricted to a handful of students and institutions due to workforce limitations.

Using iMocha’s campus recruitment solutions, organisations have been able to mitigate these issues and add predictability to their overall campus hiring process. iMocha has enabled recruiters and hiring panels to oversee and share the entire campus recruitment pipeline (from student registration and assessment to interview shortlisting and hiring status) and has helped companies automate their time-intensive tasks such as on-campus candidate registration, proctoring, screening, and more using AI and NLP.  

One of iMocha’s clients clocked 6600 candidate registrations, of which 4949 appeared for tests, about 172 live interviews were conducted, and 78 candidates received final job offers – all in a single day.    

About the solution, Vishal Madan, Head of Engineering, iMocha, said, “Our Campus Solution, supporting 35+ programming languages and an additional 4 SQL variants, help me hire freshers in a completely language-agnostic way for my growing team. Candidates today do not limit themselves to the languages taught in their academics; thus, engineering leadership must be flexible in hiring. While the patented pseudo-coding platform, AI-LogicBox, takes care of my DevOps and Automation QA positions, it also helps our clients with SAP, Salesforce, Cloud, and other functions. The Enhanced Proctoring Suite ensures enough integrity through ID verification, Secured Browser, and Smart Video Proctoring, amongst further checks. Lastly, being an end-to-end solution, it helps schedule and conducts L1 Technical Interviews for candidates shortlisted after the assessments.” 

Amit Mishra, CEO and co-founder, added, “The innovative assessment solution offers assessments in logical reasoning, aptitude, soft skills, business communication, functional and technical skills. Hiring panels and recruitment teams can remotely conduct live interviews to assess the real-time problem-solving abilities of candidates. With the roll-out of the 5G network, there will be incredible enhancement of data transfer speeds, and advanced web-based solutions like this will further optimise real-time assessment, remote interviews, and engagement.” 

About iMocha: 

iMocha is a skills intelligence and assessment platform enabling talent leaders to make smarter decisions. 300+ organisations use the platform across 70+ countries to acquire job-fit talent faster and measure the ROI from their talent development and learning initiatives. iMocha empowers talent teams with its most extensive skill library, which consists of over 2500 skills, an asynchronous interview platform, AI-LogicBox (AI-based pseudo-coding simulator), an AI-powered language analyser, skill benchmarking, upskilling dashboard, talent analytics, proctoring, fraud detection, custom assessment consulting, and more.