It is my life and it is my Career


For almost 25 years, my journey has been from an early year’s teacher teaching across boards to a teacher trainer-mentor pan India, curriculum designer to a school Principal. An academician by profession now heading a Premium Publication house that publishes academic books from K-12 as Production head. Reviewing, revising, studying the education policies and integrating them in the books is what I am best at.

My strengths are my weakness at times. Learning -unlearning has been a continuous process throughout my life. Gratitude and the zest to bounce back has always been my mantra for success. Success is an outcome of a series of set back and failures. There have been no failures for me but many learning lessons. A woman is as powerful as a man today, and she may not be as aggressive as the world wants her to be. I associate myself with all the women who move forward with baby steps with the conviction to lead. I am a leader who believes in her team-A a leader who believes in creating more leaders.

This is me. I am who I am. I do not want to become someone else. I have chosen to live in my skin.