HR SYMPOSIA 2023: Transforming HR for Human-Centric Workplace Excellence
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HR SYMPOSIA 2023: Transforming HR for Human-Centric Workplace Excellence

In today’s business world, one of the most important indicators of a healthy organization is its commitment to nurturing a people-centric culture. A people-centric approach towards fostering employer-employee relationships can have a profound impact on employee morale and mitigate attrition rate, further having a direct influence on the company’s bottom and top management. Inculcating an employee-friendly and positive work culture allows the organization to empathize with its employees, treat them with respect as well as prioritize their needs, creating a Human-Centric workplace that fuels both individual growth and organizational success.

With the theme “Transforming HR: Fostering Human-Centric Excellence in today’s Workplace”, The Student Development Cell, Delhi School of Economics, is delighted to present you with ‘HR SYMPOSIA’, its HR Conclave on 26th and 27th September 2023.

HR SYMPOSIA is the 2-day annual HR conference focused around a central theme. It includes various Panel Discussions and Speaker Sessions on specific topics related to the industry where distinguished leaders from the HR Fraternity share their valuable insights and opinions about the same. This provides a platform for the students to interact with industry leaders who are enriched with the knowledge and experience of the HR field in which the students plan to pursue their careers. The vision of HR Symposia is to reach out to eminent leaders and introduce them to budding future managers with the aim of enhancing the knowledge base of the students regarding the latest trends and developments in the HR industry. It is a medium of connection between the experts and the learners.

Also, HR Symposia with its panel discussions offers numerous advantages for students, encompassing networking opportunities, learning from experts, career guidance, exposure to diverse perspectives, inspiration, skill development, and access to various valuable resources. It gives the students a unique window to get a good view of the current business world as well as further provides them a chance to enhance their knowledge and stay updated about the latest industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. This first-hand exposure is invaluable for learning about the HR industry outside the academic settings. Moreover, the experienced panelists often recount their own inspirational journeys, including their successes as well as failures, and how every failure is a lesson in disguise. These anecdotes furnish students with practical lessons and guidance for their own management journey. HR Symposia also at times serves as a career guidance conclave because the panelists while answering the questions often provide career advice to the students which helps them in further making informed career choices for their future pursuits.

Hence, HR Symposia serves not only as a platform for various knowledge-sharing sessions but also as an opportunity for budding future HR managers to understand the HR department’s commitment to creating a positive human-centric work environment for people at all levels of management, thereby shaping a future where both individuals and businesses can grow and thrive.

Explore HR SYMPOSIA 2023 - Delhi School of Economics' HR Conclave, fostering human-centric excellence in the modern workplace, on September 26th-27th