Beehive sets up an AI-powered shrink-wrapped HR platform
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Beehive sets up an AI-powered shrink-wrapped HR platform

Mumbai, 14th Sept 2022: Beehive, India’s fastest growing cloud-based HR Tech firm, in a bid to address the growing concerns of small businesses, especially in the excellent resignation era, has announced the set-up of its shrink-wrapped, all-in-one AI platform, designed for SMEs in India. The data-driven enterprise suite aims to support businesses around employee wellness, wellbeing & productivity features. It aims to simplify HR functions – recruiting and performance management – simpler & more efficient.

The HR platform is designed & engineered on what it takes for a small business to transition to the next level. Corporates have many more helping hands; likewise, they can hire and afford more prominent platforms, but the SME industry they have limited finance & resources, and in turn, they remain untouched. Apart from that, problems at SMEs are entirely different from Corporates. To solve their problems, one must adopt the lifestyle and beliefs of SMEs. The most difficult challenge for SMEs is retaining and developing talent. While they recognise the value of investing in skill and expertise, the lack of an HR department or robust HR policies puts them at a disadvantage.

Beehive’s platform is centric on small business needs, challenging the perception of human resource management with an employee-centric, modern cloud-based HR Software that increases employee productivity and allows the HR Team to help the organisation reach its goals. The software is available on Cloud as well as on-premise (enterprise).

The Beehive platform is a unified web solution that replaces multiple software products for all modern workforce needs. A future-ready HCM & emploteam member activity platform enables organisations to create a more flexible, efficient, and agile HR function while providing valuable employee experiences and insights. Employee attrition tool that captures the reasons and timely solutions, managing and tracking productivity, structure compensation planning linked with performance management (typically done by larger firms), employee collaboration, analytics, and more are some of the platform’s key features. The platform enables data-driven decisions, identifying and mitigating risks in real-time, and assisting businesses in focussing on hiring, nurturing, and leading HR Teams.

“The post-pandemic environment has now moved to the great resignation & attrition era, forcing organisations to realign their strategies. For SMEs, it’s about managing a huge workforce & the need to invest in the right resources or many resources to accelerate the business to the next level and meet the requirements of the evolving workforce needs. We have hence rolled out a comprehensive platform that caters to the different needs of different organisations of all types and sizes. Its features and services align with the business requirements of SMEs and start-ups to fuel them with success.” Haresh Awatramani, Founder & CEO, Beehive Solutions.

Nippon Express, Marsh India, Compuage, Arti Drugs, Ziqitza, NYK, Datamatics, Runwal Group, SVYM, Tata Class Edge, and many more are just a few the significant clients of Beehive. Beehive is currently strongly focussing on Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets.