Jobs after Doing Diploma in Accounting

diploma in accounting

Jobs after Doing Diploma in Accounting

Accounting is a very vast field. A diploma in Accounting is one of the subjects which is needed in every business or organization. Accounting can be difficult for many students. But it is also a very interesting subject.

So, if you are interested in accounting and want to get into this field as early as possible, you can do a Diploma in Accounting. Accounting professionals are always in demand and will never go out of demand. If you want to start early in this subject, you can become an accountant in just 1 year.

In this article, you will get to know about what kind of jobs are available after doing a diploma in accounting. So if you are further interested keep on reading.

Different types of jobs after doing diploma in accounting:-

There are many types of jobs available after doing a diploma in accounting, some of them are listed below. There are many jobs that have the same work duties but have different names. So let’s find out what are the jobs available after doing a diploma in accounting:-

Accounting Clerk & Bookkeeper

Both of their work duties are quite similar.

Accounting Clerk – The main work of an accounting clerk is to classify, check and enter the invoice entries into the system using the software. Their work also involves preparing account entries for liabilities & assets.

Bookkeeper – The main work of a bookkeeper is to record transactions and post all credit and debit entries.

Accounting Team Supervisor

An accounting supervisor is a person who looks over the accounting department, he or she supervises the staff, maintains staff & its records, assists other staff with audits, and many more.

Assistant Accounting

Assists in verifying cost accounting account payable and accounts receivable records in order to ensure accuracy.

Financial Services Manager

A financial services manager is a person who is a senior member of the team. Their main work is to give direction to the team to meet the goals or aims of the organization.

Tax Accountant

A tax accountant or tax agent is a person who is responsible for tax-related things. Their main work is to collect information related to tax and deal with taxation authorities. They also give advice to the team or staff on tax-related things.

Sales Accountant

The work of a sales accountant is to manage sales and sales return entries. Their work involves making daily invoices of sales & sales returns.

Assistant to CFO

Assistant CFO refers to the Assistant Chief Financial Officer. They have a lot of responsibilities. But their main work is to oversee the financial management and reporting side of the organization.

Fund Accounting Specialist

A Fund accounting specialist is a person who is responsible for assisting in a variety of fund valuation activities. Their work aims to assist the daily & periodic Net Asset Valuations (NAVs) relating to the funds and the distribution of associated unit prices.

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