Corona is everywhere, not only in the examination hall, says the Mental Wellness Coach Mehfisha Anjum

Exams could be managed

I believe that exams could have been executed with the precautions in a similar way as we travel in the metro, as we enter and move in malls and as we are visiting bazaars with our children. Today all schools are closed, and making arrangements for board exams is not a tough task for the government. With complete safety and necessary measures like social distancing, keeping exams is very normal. Kids are moving on roads and playing in groups in the parks recklessly. And I don’t think that with complete measures they would catch this disease. If they r not safe in the examination hall, they are not safe even on the flights, train, metro and malls then. Delayed exams are lowering down their patience and motivation to be promoted in the next standard and planning for their career. Corona is everywhere, not only in the examination hall.