Here’s How! The choreographer will make you tons of Cash.


To make a career in dance is definitely not an easy thing. A choreographer or dancer has to constantly work hard to be called a professionalist in dance.

Many dancers and choreographer find themselves short at the end of the month, not this happens not necessarily because they are not talented but because they have a very restricted way of seeing things.

So here are the ways to earn money as a dancer or choregrapher. In the end, you can have a better understanding and a bigger spectrum of the things that you can do to generate more income as a dancer.

Now let's get into the points that are:

Dance classes

It is the most obvious way but also the most secure way of teaching. Dance classes can be something that can give you recurring income meaning that every single week if you teach classes on a weekly basis.

Now the downside of dance classes is that you are not easily going to know how much you can make it out because it depends on our ministry internal but still is very secure in terms of longevity so in the long term you know that every single month or week you are earning some kind of income.


When it comes to workshops you can make an awesome income. Giving workshops is a fantastic way for people or customers to broaden your skills, make a new identity and discover new ways to move and create.

Write articles related to dance

If you are interested to write dance articles on basis of how much are you experienced then it will a great opportunity because there are many publications who are looking for dance articles. If you want to start your own blogging website in dance career then you will do that.

Organizing Events

Organizing events is a good idea for earning extra money but you have to be very careful about this. Firstly, you will organize the event with an experienced person and do with sponsorships that will help you to run your business as a choreographer.

Monetize your Social media account

Here is a thing if you will give your time to make good content for Youtube, Instagram and many other social media platforms then you will get a much higher income. 

Companies may give you collaboration or advertising products with a high payment if you are increasing day by day on social media.

Therefore, this is how a career in dance works and gives you extra money.