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Striving to acquaint students with the best academic and career growth opportunities, Career Beacon has enlightened the Career & educational landscape. Explore some of the eminent educational institutes around, gain valuable insights from the leading educators, Career Counsellors, and discover the latest trends in education by reading our neatly depicted magazine issues.


Built on the heritage of Career building advice for over ten years, Career Beacon is the ultimate Career guide boasting students with expert advice on succeeding in getting to a dream and taking the next step on the career ladder.

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Distribution & Partnerships

Through a broad range of national and targeted local strategic partnerships, Career Beacon reaches the parts that no other single channel goes. Our distribution and strategic media partners include Universities, K 12 Schools Career Counsellors Careers Offices, Libraries, Careers Fairs, Coaching Centres, At Home Magazine, Career Builder, CV-Library, Working Mom’s, HR networks, Edtech, Teachers and many more.


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