CBSE board exams 2022

A Covid revision for 2022: Decode CBSE plans two Board exams with a reduced syllabus

If you are appearing for CBSE board exams in 2022, here’s what you need to keep in mind

1. Academic session to be divided into 2 Terms with approximately 50% syllabus in each term.

2. The syllabus for the Board exams 2021-22 will be rationalized

3.Classes IX-X: Internal Assessment (throughout the year-irrespective of
The term I and II) would include the three periodic tests, student enrichment, portfolio
and practical work/ speaking listening activities/ project.

4. Classes XI-XII: Internal Assessment (throughout the year-irrespective of The term I and II) would include end of topic or unit tests/ exploratory activities/practical/ projects.

5.CBSE will ease schools to upload marks of Internal Assessment on the CBSE IT platform.

6.The Board will organize the Term I Examination in a flexible schedule to be conducted between November-December 2021.

7.The Question Paper will have Many Choice Questions (MCQ), including case-based MCQs and MCQs on the assertion-reasoning type. The duration of the test will be 90 minutes. They will cover only the rationalized syllabus of Term I only (i.e. approx. 50% of the entire syllabus)

8. The CBSE will send Question Papers to schools along with a marking scheme.

9. The Board would organize Term II or Year-end Examination based on the rationalized syllabus of Term II only (i.e. approximately 50% of the entire syllabus).

10. This examination would be held around March-April 2022

11.The paper will be of 2 hours duration and have questions of different formats (case-based/ situation based, open-ended- short answer/ long answer type).

12. If the situation is not conducive for regular descriptive examination, a 90-minute MCQ-based exam will also be conducted at the end of Term II.

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