Viewpoint on the CBSE’s decision

I respect this decision

Can not play with health Determining the future is important, but this decision is quite correct given today’s time. In class X to XI, the child is still in school, so I respect this decision.

3 thoughts on “Viewpoint on the CBSE’s decision

  1. I am agree with your viewpoint Dr. Pushpanjali. Life gives us many chances to evaluate ourself only exams can not be the measurement of one child excellency.

  2. Rightly said. Exams are just a measure to test the memory of a student in India. So, it was a good decision taken by CBSE to safeguard students health.

  3. As a student I had a mixed response towards the news but I agree with Dr. Pushpanjali Singh, health does come first and this decision by the government is surely for the best.

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