Lesser time to focus on JEE Advanced, says Siddhant a class XII student.

I am giving Class 12 boards this year, I’m a bit disappointed by the postponement, since I’ve been studying quite a lot for the past few months and was hoping to get all my exams done and over with quickly so that I could relax. The postponement means that there will be less time for me to focus on JEE advanced, held in July 21. However, the decision is understandable given the sharp rise in Covid cases.

I feel more responsible because in these uncertainties, says Mansi

We find ourselves in a very disheartening situation. The future of so many students is put on hold with the frequent changes in their academic calendar. The good news is that we are all in this together. None is different. One can have other plans, but the struggles are going to be the same. As a career counsellor, I feel more responsible because in these uncertainties, it becomes imperative for me to keep my students on the straight path and not let them go astray.